July 01, 2019

Ajman Finance signs partnership Agreement with PayFort.

In order to keep up with global best practices, Ajman Finance Department announced new facilities and services that will be offered through the SmartPay portal (AjmanPay) through the signing of a partnership agreement with PayFort, one of Amazon global companies. This is materialized by achieving the highest rates of digital transformation according to the highest technical standards, through a single smart platform based on the latest technologies in the management and development of government financial resources to contribute to the sustainable development of Ajman.

On this occasion, HE Marwan Ahmed Al Ali, Director General of Ajman Department of Finance, affirmed the Department's keenness to reflect the vision and objectives of Ajman Government 2021 by adopting best practices and institutional mechanisms to contribute to the improvement of the system of work to serve national objectives and enhance the confidence of partners in various local government sectors and all customers.

He pointed out that the signing of the agreement comes within the framework of the Department of Finance's efforts to enhance the services available through AjmanPay as a digital platform that enhances the success and quality of government services in the emirate and supports its economic position domestically and globally, offering options to easily pay from anywhere in the world using different credit cards or through digital portfolios and provide installment service directly through smart mobile applications or Internet platforms in cooperation with more than 10 banks so that customers will benefit from the government of Ajman from the concessional payment service in a digital format when collecting revenue from government fees with the feature of a detailed outstanding payments schedule.

He added that the signing of the agreement with PayFort will increase the efficiency of financial performance in general and improve the quality of services provided to all customers from investors and individuals, in addition to achieving other goals such as the integration of government services and support the process of digital transformation.

Omar Sidoudi, Chief Executive Officer of Payfort, said: "AjmanPay reflects the Ajman government's drive to enhance its strategy of smart transformation and to keep pace with the UAE's leadership directions in transforming the government into a smart one. The project aims to consolidate the payment channels across all government channels through one side by conducting a variety of transactions over the Internet without the need to be physically present in the customers’ centers of happiness at Ajman Government”

"The solutions and technologies offered by PayFort will help boost the local and global economic situation of the UAE, including providing value added services to Ajman government customers by offering payment through Visa or MasterCard credit cards and installment service that enables consumers to pay the value of Large purchases in monthly installments in an automated and innovative way " added Mr. Omar Sidoudi.