Ajman, UAE: November 18 2019

Ajman Tourism Development Department sets smart government standards by being the first to adopt Ajman Pay into their digital services

H.H.Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi: "AjmanPay offers multiple payment options that suit various customer segments"

In its efforts to effectively embrace Ajman’s vision of a digital economy through smart governance, Ajman Tourism Development Department has announced that it will link its digital services with Ajman Pay.

The announcement was made by His Highness Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Ajman Tourism Development Department, at the department’s headquarters.

According to H.H. Sheikh Abdulaziz, the partnership guarantees to establish a framework that will enable the department to improve service quality and assure higher excellence in serving the needs of Ajman’s residents. He added that AjmanPay exemplifies the success and efforts of Ajman’s Department of Finance to advance the proficiency of financial standards at all levels.

“The Ajman Tourism Development Department is proud to partner with AjmanPay in providing services at par with global standards. The payment portal will indeed meet our requirements and will exceed our expectations, and we are confident that the department shall contribute further to achieving the payment portal’s objectives,” he added.

H.H. Sheikh Abdulazizbin Humaid Al Nuaimi noted in agreement with the vision of the Ajman Department of Finance, that the Tourism Development Department is quite keen to position the emirate of Ajman as a leading hub in smart governance anddigital transformation.

“This pioneering service in the emirate was only made possible through the determined efforts of the Ajman Department of Finance and the cooperation between all government departments in Ajman. This is the reason why through this collaboration, the department aims to highlight its integral role in Ajman’s widespread digital transformation,” he added.

Her Excellency OhoudShehail, Director General of Ajman Digital Government, also said: “This joint cooperation with the Ajman Department of Finance aims to implement the directive and the ambitions of our leadership, which will support the digital transformation of the emirate of Ajman. Ajman Pay—a unified payment portal—will provide various multi-payment options, that will save effort and time, as well as provide convenient and easy service for the public.”

Her Excellency also stressed that this is an important and strategic project for Ajman. And in the near future, more government departments will announce their move to link their services with Ajman Pay which will ensure meeting the demand of the public for convenience, efficient, and secure services.

Ajman Pay solidifies further the convenience of the services of government institutions through its unified and flexible payment system—which meets all the requirements in terms of the control of transactions. The payment portal provides the institutions comprehensive financial and statistical reports as well, assisting these departments in high level decision-making.

In addition, His Excellency Saleh Mohammed Saleh Al Jaziri, Director General of Ajman Tourism Development Department said: “As the services of the Ajman Tourism Development Department are now linked with AjmanPay, customers can anticipate easier and more convenient methods to settle all of their transactions—including license renewal or license issuance of a tourism facility or a restaurant. In addition, the portal’s Ajman Wallet provides a single-window where customers can pay and review their transactions for all government departments.”

His Excellency Al Jaziri further mentioned that this initiative is rooted in the department’s main objectives, which is to actualize the goal of Ajman to keep up with the latest technologies that meet global standards.

“Our efforts are concentrated on making our services easy, convenient, and available at all times. Since we are the first government department to link its digital services with AjmanPay, the department guarantees more ease and qualityuser experience through the portal’s multiple payment options and channels,” His Excellency added.

His Excellency Al Jaziri also commendedthe Department of Financefor its efforts to assist with the emirate’s complete shift towards developing a paperless digital economy, with a zero percent fee for all online payments.

Moreover, His Excellency Marwan Ahmad Al Ali, Director General of the Ajman Department of Finance said: “We closely work with all government departments in Ajman to help them meet the needs of their customers who now prefer digital means in their payment transactions.”

The Director General also stressed that the fundamental role of the Department of Finance in linking Ajman Tourism Development Department’s services with AjmanPay will further encourage other government departments to adopt the payment portal in their services in the near future.

His Excellency Al Ali added that AjmanPaycontains groundbreaking advancementsand benefits that will consolidate its position as the preferred payment portal for individuals and companies in the Emirate of Ajman. It provides convenience, security, precision, installment payments of government fees, and multiple payment channels & methods that suit the lifestyle needs of infinite customer sections.