Ajman, UAE: May 11, 2020

Ajman’s Department of Finance – AjmanPay receives international certification of compliance in data security (PCI-DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

The Ajman Department of Finance has recently been awarded the world-renowned Certification of Compliance in Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for its AjmanPay Platform; A smart digital payment platform with groundbreaking technologies set to rapidly and securely transform the areas of payment and government revenue collection & control. The certificate has been granted by ValueMentor; A leading global cybersecurity certification provider.

The granted certification covers various services and infrastructure aspects of the Ajman Pay system such as electronic payment gateways, electronic clearing, settlements, hosting, securing data storage, as well as all devices and cards.

Underlining that the certification upholds the Ajman Pay system as a highly secure payment getaway, His Excellency Marwan Ahmed Al Ali, Director General of Ajman’s Department of Finance, noted that this certification would further enhance the credibility of Ajman Pay’s services.

“This Certification of Compliance in Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard guarantees that Ajman Pay’s system is highly secure and completely bulletproof against data security breaches. Furthermore, receiving this global certification boosts the trustworthiness and reliability of Ajman Pay as an easy, convenient and safe alternative to cash payments; An achievement that comes in line with the Departments’ continued efforts to make it the most secure and favorable payment platform in the emirate.” Al Ali said.

“Through Ajman Pay, Ajman’s Department of Finance continues to accomplish its goal of offering services with the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and transparency. Indeed, it is one of our innovative initiatives in terms of payment, settlement, revenue control, and collection processes. We are glad to have achieved this new milestone,” Al Ali emphasized.

He also added that Ajman’s Department of Finance holds sustaining public confidence through maintaining the confidentiality of their financial information and personal data at the highest priority. As such, he emphasized that it makes Ajman Pay the most preferred payment gateway in the Emirate of Ajman.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Jassem Al Ali, Director of Strategic and Projects Management Office at Ajman’s Department of Finance, praised the concerted efforts of the Ajman Pay team in increasing efficiency and reducing vulnerabilities in the payment gateway’s systems.

“Our primary goal has always been to maintain the highest levels of reliability and security in Ajman Pay and to sustain the success of our joint efforts with our customers and partners. Hence, we continue to persevere to keeping Ajman Pay’s reputation as the safest and smartest payment portal amongst the wide range of payment options available in the UAE.” He asserted.

Adding to the above, Engineer Ahmad Nazmi Ibrahim; Project manager of Ajman pay at the Department of Finance; Highlighted that receiving the global certification was an important move for Ajman Pay to foster greater trust and build a strong relationship with customers, and to encourage others to utilize it as their preferred smart payment and revenue collection method.